Flagstaff Workers Compensation Lawyer

Flagstaff Workers Compensation Lawyer

Flagstaff Workers Compensation Attorney

When you’ve been hurt at work, you may feel like you shouldn’t do anything for the fear of losing your job, or because you feel like the injury was your fault. But in Arizona, workers’ compensation is a no-fault claim, meaning that your employer is obligated to provide workers’ compensation regardless of how you were injured.

You don’t have to suffer through the pain of an injury from work, without being compensated. Under Arizona law, your medical bills should be covered and disability pay is provided in most cases as well.

Don’t Settle For Less Than What You’re Owed

Insurance companies are notorious for trying to avoid costs. Unfortunately, so are most employers. Even when you receive workers’ compensation, it may not be enough. You can avoid all these kinds of headaches by contacting our office as soon as an injury has occurred.


Not only will our workers’ compensation attorneys make sure your claim is filed correctly, but you will receive enough compensation to pay your bills and begin recovering from your injury.

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