Flagstaff Truck Accident Lawyer

Flagstaff Truck Accident Lawyer

Flagstaff Truck Accident Attorney

Commercial trucks such as tractor-trailers, semi trucks and 18-wheelers can cause untold destruction in traffic accidents. The sheer size of these vehicles means that the injuries to the other motorists are usually long-lasting and incredibly expensive.

For reputable legal counsel following a truck crash, you can trust our attorney at The Kaiser Law Group. From our law office in Flagstaff, he provides dedicated, strategic personal injury counsel intended to get the results you need. He believes in giving you transparency during your case, plus he offers personalized attention and takes a compassionate approach.

What To Know About Truck Accidents

Several factors make crashes involving large commercial trucks much different from those involving two private vehicles. For instance:

  • There are often multiple sources of liability in trucking accidents.
  • The accident scene is very complex and difficult to investigate.
  • Trucking companies are notorious for destroying or hiding evidence in accident claims.
  • The damages are often much higher, so insurance companies fight harder to avoid paying the full value of a claim.

You will need legal representation to protect your rights and take on powerful trucking and insurance corporations. Having handled thousands of injury and accident cases, our lawyer knows exactly what to do to give you the best chance of securing maximum compensation.

A Former Investigator Who Gathers The Right Evidence

After a truck accident, the trucking company and its insurer immediately send their own people to the accident site to gather – and sometimes hide – evidence. You need an equally devoted lawyer to investigate the scene on your behalf.

Our founding attorney, Daniel B. Kaiser, is a former investigator who decided to devote his career to law instead. Now, he draws from his experience to put together strong, persuasive cases for the victims of devastating accidents. He takes an aggressive approach with insurance companies, trucking corporations and opposing counsel, never tiring when protecting your rights.

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The Kaiser Law Group is the firm to provide you with help in recovering compensation following a commercial truck crash. We offer free initial consultations. To get yours, please call 928-773-7773 or send us an email.