Flagstaff Drug Trafficking Lawyer

Flagstaff Drug Trafficking Lawyer

Flagstaff Drug Trafficking Attorney

Drug trafficking is often referred to as the illegal distribution, transportation, or sale of controlled substances. These actions come with significant consequences that can be intense, which makes being accused of engaging in drug trafficking activity an overwhelming experience to navigate alone. When facing these charges, it is critical to hire a Flagstaff drug trafficking lawyer to stand by your side and execute a thorough defense strategy.

At The Kaiser Law Group, we have spent years representing individuals who were inaccurately accused of engaging in drug trafficking behavior. We have seen what an impact this can have on an individual’s ability to think clearly and make informed decisions on their own. This is why our knowledge of the nuances that make these cases so complex can help make our clients feel confident and less stressed throughout the process of defending their interests in court.

Common Reasons Someone Is Inaccurately Accused of Drug Trafficking

Facing drug trafficking charges can be extremely distressing due to the severe penalties and consequences that come with a guilty verdict. However, being charged with this crime does not automatically mean someone is guilty. There are many reasons someone may be inaccurately accused of drug trafficking and, therefore, need the support of an AZ drug transportation attorney to help prove this position in court. Some of these include:

  • Misidentification: Being falsely accused of trafficking drugs is not an uncommon experience. This usually stems from someone making an error when sharing their observations with law enforcement and their attorney. For example, a witness may mistakenly identify the wrong person as being involved in drug trafficking due to poor lighting or being too far away to accurately see the scene.

Having an attorney to cross-examine these witnesses live in court can help uncover these discrepancies in their account of what happened and create a sense of doubt in the judge and jury that their testimony is not solid enough evidence for a conviction.

  • Unlawful search and seizure: All law enforcement officers are trained to obtain a search warrant before entering an individual’s property to search for items related to a drug trafficking allegation. Any evidence of this Fourth Amendment right being violated could mandate an immediate dismissal of the evidence collected during the unlawful search.

This could remove the majority of evidence a prosecutor has against the individual they are attempting to charge with this crime, leading to a possible reduction in penalties or dismissing the case entirely.

  • Drug possession misconceptions: Sometimes, an individual is accused of engaging in drug trafficking behavior when, in reality, they were in possession of certain drugs for their own personal use.

There is a clear distinction between drug possession and drug trafficking. Even if the individual was caught possessing illegal drugs, the possible consequences of drug possession are significantly less severe when compared to an official drug trafficking charge. A defense attorney will be able to make this point in court to ensure any penalties their client may face are proportionate to the actions they actually committed.

  • Interstate drug trafficking allegations: A complicated area of drug trafficking law is the concept of interstate drug trafficking. This is where drugs are transported across state lines and involve numerous law enforcement agencies. As a result of this, inaccurate accusations can arise due to a breakdown of communication between state officials or misunderstandings between these agencies.

There can also be complications with competing state jurisdictions, such as different marijuana laws. Having a drug trafficking lawyer navigate multiple legal jurisdictions with federal law can help ensure a fair legal process ensues.

FAQs About Flagstaff, AZ Drug Trafficking Laws

What Are the Potential Penalties for Drug Trafficking Convictions?

Penalties vary widely depending on the type and quantity of drugs involved in the accusation. If the individual has a criminal history of engaging in similar drug-related behavior, it can significantly increase the penalties a prosecutor may seek to make the case that all original penalties were not enough to deter the behavior from happening again in the future.

Some of these penalties can include fines, prison sentences, forfeiture of certain assets or property, or even a mandatory request to participate in a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program.

What Should I Do if I Believe My Rights Were Violated During My Arrest or Investigation?

Consult an attorney as soon as you believe your rights may have been violated during an arrest or drug trafficking investigation. These professionals can assess the exact chain of events that led to your arrest or investigation to determine if any constitutional violations occurred.

If there is evidence to suggest this is true, the attorney will file a motion to suppress any evidence that was obtained unlawfully from being used in court. They will collaborate with you to make this case in court and request that the charges be reduced or dismissed completely.

Can I Be Charged With Drug Trafficking Even if I Had No Knowledge of the Drugs in My Possession?

Sometimes, a defendant claims they had no knowledge they were in possession of drugs of any kind. These situations happen when someone else either concealed or planted drugs without the other individual’s awareness.

To make this point in court, you will need to work with your defense attorney to legally gather evidence to prove this is the case. For example, witness testimony or surveillance footage could be enough evidence to show you were unaware the drugs were in your possession and, therefore, do not qualify for an official drug trafficking charge.

How Can I Choose the Right Attorney to Defend My Drug Trafficking Charges?

Selecting the right attorney can make the difference between proving your innocence in court or being charged with a crime you did not commit. To secure an attorney with the appropriate qualifications to defend your interests, find someone who has a strong track record defending people who have been in similar situations.

Ask them about these wins and if they see any similarities to your own case. If you feel comfortable with their assessment case and how they would like to defend your position in court, this can be a strong indication they are the right attorney to move forward with.

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