Taking proper steps can help avoid trucker fatigue and accidents

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Arizona truck drivers, especially those on long-haul routes, know that fatigue can be a problem. However, who is to blame when, despite your best efforts, you get into an accident because your company insists that you push through to meet a delivery deadline? Taking steps to reduce your fatigue can go a long way toward protecting yourself in a lawsuit.

Plan ahead

One essential thing truck drivers can do to avoid motor vehicle accidents is to be open with their employers about when they are tired. Take part in your company’s fatigue management program; if they don’t have one, ask if they’re considering one. Learning how to manage your fatigue and being honest with your trucking firm can allow them to place you on more suitable routes. Another way your company can help you is through training programs that help improve your lifestyle to reduce fatigue.

Technology can also help. Eyelid monitoring systems and lane tracking technology can help alert drivers when drowsy, and electronic logging devices can help track your hours on the road to prevent overscheduling. Before going out on the road, check your vehicle to ensure that it is in good working order. Stick to a regular schedule so that you know what to expect, and plan routes ahead of time.

What happens if you are involved in an accident?

Sometimes, even with your best efforts, you may become involved in an accident that causes injuries while driving your truck. Not all accidents involving commercial vehicles are the truck driver’s fault, especially if you have taken precautions to ensure safety.

You may also be absolved from blame if your trucking company hasn’t put safety measures in place or has ignored pleas for a different schedule due to fatigue. Having evidence can possibly absolve you in an injury lawsuit while also ensuring that your company’s insurance plan pays for injuries that you may have sustained. Try to gather as much evidence as possible to prove your innocence.

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