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The crime rate in Arizona can vary from city to city, which is why it is important to be aware of the crime statistics in whichever city you live in or are visiting. By analyzing the Arizona crime rate by city, we can gain more insight into the safety and security of the entire state. The bigger cities, such as Phoenix, AZ, often attract the most attention because they are large in population and tend to have higher crime numbers overall.

It is important to look at crime rates in cities per capita to get an accurate depiction of the safety in those cities. Smaller towns and cities can also have their own challenges with crime. In 2023, however, the state of Arizona saw a decline in crime compared to the year before.

Crime Rates of Arizona Cities

There are many cities and towns in Arizona where a low crime rate makes them a great place to live, work, and visit. However, a high crime rate usually discourages visitors and transplants. It’s hard to say what is the cause of low and high crime rates. It may be influenced by population size, but even some of the cities with larger populations have managed to maintain a low crime rate. Here are the crime rates of 6 cities in Arizona per 100,000 people:

  • Florence: With a population of 26,700 people, Florence has a relatively low crime rate of 507 per 100k. This is 80% lower than the crime rate in all of Arizona.
  • San Luis: San Luis has a population of approximately 34,000 people and a crime rate of 602 per 100k.
  • Gilbert: This large city of nearly 250,000 residents has a relatively low crime rate of 1,133 per 100k, the majority of which are property crimes as opposed to violent crimes
  • Phoenix: Phoenix is the largest city in Arizona, with a population of 1.6 million. The crime rate here is 50% higher than that of Arizona, currently sitting at 3,727 per 100k.
  • Tucson: This city has the second-largest population in the state, with approximately 545,000 residents. The crime rate, however, is far higher than the largest city at 4,151 per 100k. This is 67% higher than the crime rate in the state.
  • Mesa: Mesa has a population of just over 500,000 people and a crime rate of 2,197 per 100k. Although this is fairly high, it is still 12% lower than the state crime rate.

One of the biggest contributions to the crime rate in many places could be the economic disparities seen in many neighborhoods, in addition to high population levels and poor education. Both Phoenix and Tucson, but Tucson especially, have poor education ratings as well as poor employment ratings. These may be important factors to consider in the discussion surrounding high crime rates.

Common Crimes in Arizona Cities

There are a wide range of crimes that occur in Arizona, ranging from non-violent property crimes to violent crimes. Some commonly occurring crimes in the state include the following:

  • Simple Assault: Simple assault is the most commonly occurring violent crime, and it is also the most commonly occurring of any crime in Arizona. It showed an increase of about 1% in the state from 2022 to 2023, making for 70% of violent crimes.
  • Aggravated Assault: Aggravated assault made up 18.9% of violent crimes in 2023, which is a slight decrease from 2022.
  • Shoplifting: Shoplifting is the most commonly occurring property crime in Arizona. At a 3% increase from 2022 to 2023, it made for 47% of property crimes.
  • Destruction of Property: Destruction of property is the second-most commonly occurring property crime in Arizona. In 2023, it accounted for approximately 19% of property crimes recorded, nearly a 2% decrease from the previous year.
  • Drug Violations: Drug and narcotic violations accounted for 51% of what is referred to as crimes against society. This is a nearly 4% decrease in drug violations from 2022 to 2023.


Q. What City Has the Highest Crime Rate in Arizona?

A. The city that has the highest crime rate in Arizona is Phoenix, the city with the largest population in the state. It may be worth noting that crime rates can vary in different areas of the city. Phoenix has a lot to offer despite the high crime rate, including great amenities and a relatively low cost of living for residents.

Q. What Town in Arizona Has the Lowest Crime Rate?

A. One of the towns in Arizona with the lowest crime rate is Florence, Arizona. Florence has long had a reputation as a town with one of the lowest crime rates in the state, being 78% lower than the national average. This includes relatively low property crime rates and violent crime rates in the area. Florence continues to maintain a safe environment for all residents.

Q. Where Is the Ideal Place to Live in Arizona?

A. One of the most ideal places to live in Arizona is Gilbert, AZ. In addition to the quality of life and amenities available in the town, the low crime rate makes it a great place to live. Gilbert currently ranks as one of the safest cities in the state, with a crime rate that is far lower than the national average.

Q. Are Crime Rates Rising in Arizona?

A. In recent years, the crime rate in Arizona has remained relatively steady, with some mild fluctuations. However, there was a significant decline in crime in 2023 when compared to previous years. There was nearly a 17% drop in crime between 2022 and 2023. This may be a promising trend, but the crime rate can still fluctuate as the years pass.

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