Are older drivers safer?

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Arizona is home to many retired individuals who want to take advantage of the sun, which means there are many elderly drivers on highways and local roads within the state. There is also a false perception that many older drivers are not as responsive on the road. The numbers may not hold this perception to be true, according to the NHTSA, but there are some things that older drivers should consider before getting behind the wheel.

Reaction time

Most older drivers are judicious when it comes to driving on the highway as many opt only to drive short distances to run necessary errands. The primary reason many are so cautious is that they are aware of being involved in an aggressive driving situation when they must respond quickly to avoid a motor vehicle accident. Vision concerns are important too, but a quick response in a real-time situation is of greatest concern.

Good driving practices

Many older drivers observe the speed limit much better than younger drivers, and they are also already practicing good driving habits. As long they stay in their lane and keep a safe distance from as many vehicles as possible, and especially those directly in front, they are among the safest drivers on the road. This mostly comes from reduced driving speeds, driving experience, and awareness of avoiding a car accident.

The main concern that many personal injury attorneys in Arizona have for older drivers is that seniors are often injured more easily, including fatally. Legal counsel might defend the perception of older drivers being less safe than other demographics when representing accident cases in order to secure compensation for an injured driver.

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