Four factors that make roads dangerous for cyclists

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If you want to explore the beauty of Arizona, riding a bicycle is one way to achieve this goal. Unfortunately, this state and many others are dealing with issues relating to keeping bicyclists safe. Since 2010, the fatality rate for cyclists throughout the nation continues to rise. Here are a few reasons why more cyclists are dying.

An increase in drivers

Since 2010, gas prices have remained reasonably low in the United States. With it costing less money to drive, lower gas prices are enticing to many drivers. As more people take their vehicles out on the road, it can be one of many contributors to cyclist fatalities.

Larger vehicles

Each year, many automobile manufacturers compete to release the most popular vehicle. One way that these companies entice potential vehicle buyers is by making their cars as large as possible. As sales of trucks and SUVs continue rising, it leaves less room on the road for cyclists. It can also be more difficult than normal for drivers of large vehicles to see who or what is around them.

Slow implementation of Vision Zero

In the mid-2010s, cities throughout the United States began planning Vision Zero. This plan was to create driving guidelines to make roads safer for pedestrians and cyclists. One aspect of this plan was to construct networks of bicycle lanes. Unfortunately, it’s been hard for many cities to implement plans that could keep cyclists safer and lower personal injury claims.

Smartphone use while driving

In the past, radio controls and other in-vehicle distractions led to accidents. Now, more drivers wind up in distracted driving-related accidents due to their smartphones. With over 250 million smartphone users in the United States, this device continues to be a source of distraction for drivers.

Unfortunately, the high rate of cyclist deaths remains a growing problem in the United States. To avoid collisions while cycling, remain aware of your surroundings and only ride where it’s safe to do so.

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