How to limit cellphone distractions behind the wheel

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Parents are always going to be worried about their children when they begin driving. It’s normal to be concerned about your child’s ability to get to work safely or to drive to school without a crash.

It’s even more common to be worried because of your child’s attention to their cellphone. If they’re regularly on a smartphone texting and chatting with people, then you’re right to be concerned that they could get distracted behind the wheel. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to help prevent a crash and help them understand the importance of putting away their devices.

Have an important discussion about driving while distracted

The first thing you can do to help prevent crashes linked to distracted driving is to sit down with your child and discuss distractions with them. Explain how quickly they could leave the roadway or cross the center line when they’re not paying attention. Showing your teen that it is possible to get into a serious collision could be enough to get them to agree to put their phone in the trunk or backseat while they’re driving.

Use phone apps to monitor your child’s phone

Until your child is 18, they’re a minor that you can monitor. You may be able to install technology that will monitor your child’s texting and speed while driving. Some apps allow you to trigger automatic text responses, so your child cannot text while driving at all.

Discuss the laws

Another step you could take is to discuss the laws that could influence your child’s life. If they’re caught driving while distracted, what will they go through with the police? Is there a real threat of jail time or a heavy fine? Are you going to make them pay for the fines they receive? These are all things to go over with them.

Talk to your teen to help them stay safe

Texting and driving puts people’s lives at risk, so talking about it with your teen is essential. Taking the right steps now could help you avoid a phone call from the police, or worse, the hospital.

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