Landlords may be liable for dog bites

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Arizona residents love their dogs, and they go to great lengths to make their pups a part of the family. Most people make an effort to ensure that their dogs are properly trained so that they live peacefully with fellow residents or neighbors. Unfortunately, some people own unruly, and even dangerous, dogs, putting anyone in the vicinity of the dog at risk.

Many people believe that if they’re bitten by someone’s dog, they should sue the owner of the dog. Individuals who have been bit should know that, in some cases, they may actually be able to sue the landlord or owner of the property where they were bitten.

When are landlords responsible for dog bites?

The possibility of a landlord being liable in a dog bite case may surprise some people, but it’s perfectly applicable in some cases. A landlord is responsible for making sure that his or her property remains safe for tenants and visitors. This means that this person needs to make sure that everything on the premises, from equipment to building maintenance, is safe and up to date. People visiting or living on the premises have an expectation of safety. If a violent dog were to bite someone on the premises, a landlord may be liable if he or she was aware of the dog’s presence and behavior.

If a landlord knows that a violent animal is on the premises, he or she is putting anyone visiting or living on the property at risk. It would be the equivalent of the landlord knowing that a light bulb is out in a staircase or that flooring in a certain area of the property was too slippery to walk on but did nothing about it. If someone gets hurt due to property neglect, the landlord would be liable. The same principle is often applied to cases involving dog bites. If the landlord knew that there was a dangerous dog on the property, doing nothing about it would make him or her vulnerable to lawsuits.

Where can people find out more information about what to do after suffering a dog bite?

Dog bites are serious, and they can have long-lasting physical and emotional consequences. People dealing with this issue may benefit by working with attorneys who have experience with this type of injury case.

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