Multiple Collisions in a Single Crash

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Arizona residents are still shocked to learn car accidents all have three actual collisions within them. The motion of a vehicle is largely underestimated when looking at a car in motion. The final impact that results in an accident tends to have more force and potential danger than the eye can see. You might even face these dangers on the road but fail to interpret them, so here’s a look at the three risks of a car crash.

The Vehicle Collision

The vehicle itself is stated as the first of a series of impact risks involved in a car crash. You can keep yourself and your family safe by understanding the trajectory of weight a vehicle tends to have. Regardless of its exact speed, the sheer weight of a common car couldn’t be pushed by you or your friends if it didn’t have wheels. The impact that a vehicle makes is the first risk and is followed by the damage we might receive.

The Human Impact

After a vehicle hits its point of impact, the passengers inside it follow that path of motion until they’re impacted. Wearing a seat belt is how your family reduces their risks, but where you are within a vehicle is also important. Keep in mind that our three impact events exist in every MVA, so you have to think about how you can prepare. Being the driver or thinking of others behind the wheel is where you start planning.

The Internal Damage

The last impact risks come as a result of any internal damage we incur. Trauma not only results in open wounds and deadly gashes. Internal bleeding and bruising are threatening injuries as well. Until medical professionals assess the internal health of all passengers in an accident, nothing should be assumed.

A great deal can happen to you and your family on the road. You can keep concerns at bay by learning about road safety and sharing your education with those you care about.

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