An educational initiative to reduce teen driving fatalities

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A teen driver passing a road test and securing a driver’s license represents a significant milestone. However, the freedom they have to drive carries inherent risks. Studies show that compared to drivers 20 and older, teenagers are close to four times as likely to be involved in an accident.

In response, the American Property Casualty Insurance Association (APCIA) and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) announced an initiative to prepare parents for the initial years of their children’s behind-the-wheel travel. Navigate to Safety: Roadmaps for Parents of Teen Drivers is a series of guides that cover a wide range of topics that include vehicle selection, current state laws, and rules that should be followed.

A roadmap to safer motor vehicle travel

Parents helping to establish new and responsible habits from the moment their child takes the wheel will help reduce accidents on roadways throughout the United States. The program provides three “roadmaps” that focus on parenting techniques for a teen driver. Those include:

  • Choosing a Vehicle – Teens learn vital principles of driving, primarily avoiding vehicles that are small, older, or have excessive horsepower. Technology in the form of electronic stability control helps to prevent crashes. Equally as vital are vehicles that enjoy high crashworthiness ratings. Lists of models will be compiled and updated annually.
  • Embracing Safety Tech – Admittedly, technology may be foreign to some parents. Getting them and their children educated on this aspect of motor vehicle travel is paramount to overcoming the learning curve. With teens more likely to lose focus, advanced driver assistance helps apply brakes, alert during accidental lane departures, and detect blind spots.
  • Laying Down the Law – Teen driving has restrictions. Teenagers and their parents need to be aware of them. The IIHS website has a page where all can become more familiar with rules that limit nighttime driving and traveling with other teens. This section’s safety is paramount as smartphones can distract, and seat belts can remain unbuckled.

Peace of mind is paramount when a teenager secures a driver’s license. A pact between parent and child can help seal the deal and keep them safe.

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