Do older drivers experience slowed reaction times?

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Age may affect people’s reaction times, creating concerns for families with an older relative who continues to drive. When driving, the ability to react quickly may be necessary to avoid a crash. An inconsiderate driver might cut in front of another car, and hitting the brakes right away could prevent a collision. Unfortunately, not all older Arizona drivers can rely on fast reflexes due to age and other factors.

Precautions for older drivers

An older individual may drive to the doctor’s office, the grocery store and other destinations routinely without any problems. Even so, concerns about reaction speed and response times might weigh on the driver’s mind. Older drivers may prefer to avoid situations when the chance for an accident increases, such as rush hour times or roads known for their heavy congestion.

Other safe driving habits could help an older driver avoid accidents. Maintaining a proper amount of braking distance and remaining in the right-hand lane on highways is wise. Such driving advice could benefit many drivers, not only older individuals.

An older individual involved in several “near miss” situations may wish to reconsider continuing to drive. Those who opt to keep driving could consider increasing their insurance liability limits and purchasing an umbrella excess liability policy.

Negligence and car accidents

Older drivers who cannot operate a vehicle safely could face lawsuits for any resulting car accidents. A driver who follows another vehicle too closely, for example, might be liable for a rear-end collision.

Older drivers may become victims of negligent vehicle operators, too. An elderly driver could travel at the speed limit, leading a speeding driver to tailgate or make unsafe lane changes. The negligent driver may face a liability claim if an accident follows.

An attorney may help accident victims with their personal injury claims. The claims could go through an insurance company, or a plaintiff might take the case to court.

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