How traffic accidents might impact your car insurance rates

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A car accident might result in an increase to your car insurance premium. However, there are many factors that an Arizona auto insurance provider will take into account when deciding if you should pay more for coverage. These factors may include whether the wreck was your fault or if it resulted in significant financial losses.

Were you ticketed after the crash occurred?

Typically, you will pay more for car insurance after receiving a traffic ticket. Depending on the events that led to a collision, you could be cited for multiple offenses. For instance, you could receive a citation for speeding, driving while impaired or failure to stay in your lane.

How much damage did the wreck cause?

A motor vehicle accident that results in minor damage to your vehicle will be seen much differently than one that results in property damage or bodily injury. Depending on the terms of your policy, your insurance company could be required to pay up to $100,000 to anyone who was hurt in a crash that you caused.

Can your rates go up if an accident wasn’t your fault?

As a general rule, your rates won’t increase significantly if a crash was caused by another person’s negligence. However, if you have been involved in other wrecks over the past six months, there is a chance that your insurance provider might still deem you a higher risk to file a claim. Therefore, your rates would likely go up to reflect that perceived risk.

It’s also possible that an investigation into the crash could reveal that you were driving on a suspended license or in a vehicle that wasn’t properly registered. If this happens, your insurance coverage could be terminated even if you weren’t responsible for a wreck.

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