How can you share the roads safely with big rigs in Arizona?

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When driving, it is very easy to get into an accident, especially true when sharing the road with big rigs. These vehicles can cause serious damage in the event of a collision, so it is important to know how to stay safe around them.

Keep a safe distance

There are many reasons why you should keep a safe distance from big rigs. First of all, they take much longer to stop than regular passenger cars. In a situation where you have to brake suddenly, the big rig might not be able to stop in time, leading to a motor vehicle accident. Secondly, these trucks make wide turns, so you should give them plenty of room to avoid being hit by the side of the truck.

Pass with care

If you need to pass a big rig, do so with extreme care. Give the truck plenty of space and signal well in advance before changing lanes. Be sure to check your blind spot first, as trucks have large blind spots on both sides. Once you have passed the truck, do not cut back in too quickly – give the truck time to merge back into its lane.

Be visible

Make sure that you are always visible to the truck driver. Use your headlights at night and during inclement weather, and avoid driving in the truck’s blind spot. In general, it is best to stay in front of or behind the truck, rather than alongside it.

Watch for turning and avoid tailgating

Big rigs often have to swing wide to make turns, so be extra careful when driving near them at intersections. Be sure to yield to the truck, and do not try to squeeze past it. Additionally, tailgating a big rig is extremely dangerous, as you will not be able to see what is ahead of the truck. If the truck suddenly stops, you could rear-end it, causing serious damage.

It’s nearly impossible to avoid sharing the road with big rigs altogether. However, accidents involving these vehicles are usually severe, so it is important to learn how to avoid such an incident.

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