The medical reason you need support for a car crash claim

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If you were to take what insurance companies say in their advertisements at face value, you would probably expect to handle your car crash claim on your own. After all, the process is easy and quick based on what insurance companies claim in their commercials.

In the real world, insurance claims are stressful and contentious. The company may use every trick it can come up with to reduce how much it pays someone following a crash. There can be difficult negotiations and lengthy delays. Additionally, people may realize that the insurance won’t cover all of their expenses and they need to go to civil court.

Although it would be convenient to have an attorney handle that process for you, you might talk yourself out of bringing in professional help. However, there is a medical reason why you might want a professional handling your insurance claim.

Stress will affect your recovery

The idea that psychological stress affects your physical health isn’t just an urban legend. It is a well-documented medical fact. Your immune system, in particular, may react negatively to psychological stress. People have a harder time fighting off illnesses and recovering from injuries when they have high levels of stress in their lives.

Trying to make sense of insurance policy paperwork, talking to insurance adjusters and fighting back when a settlement is far too low could all cause a lot of unhealthy stress for someone already coping with injuries caused by a car crash. Additionally, there is the constant, nagging fear that you will make a mistake and not get the financial support you deserve.

When you have a lawyer handling your insurance claim, you can focus your personal efforts on your physical recovery rather than your financial recovery. The lawyer already knows the law and how to read your insurance policy. They can also support you as you put a price on the injury you suffered and the impact it has had on your life.

You will be in a good position to take further action

Another benefit of cooperating with an attorney for your insurance claim is that you will have someone primed and ready to go if you need to pursue a civil lawsuit. The delay required to hire a lawyer and bring them up to speed on your case might put you dangerously close to the statute of limitations for a lawsuit.

When you have a lawyer already familiar with your case and aware of the statute of limitations, you will have an easier time pursuing a civil lawsuit if necessary and negotiating with other parties to settle that claim outside of court if possible.

Instead of taking all of that stress on yourself and extending your already lengthy recovery, you can outsource some of the most difficult work and rely on a professional for the negotiations and paperwork. Getting the right help after a car crash will make it easier to move on with your life.

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