Many complications surface from serious burn injuries

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Another driver’s negligence has caused an abrupt shift of focus for your family. That reckless driver plowed into your college son’s car, leading to a fiery collision that has left your adult child with severe burns over a good portion of his body.

Life-changing injuries have forced your son into weeks, months and years of medical treatment, therapy and rehabilitation. The exorbitant medical costs such as skin grafts and plastic surgery to minimize scarring will keep your son alive but also take a huge dent out of the family’s finances. Your son will have to live with burn-related injuries for the rest of his life. So will your family.

Lung damage and shock

Numerous complications surface after serious burn injuries, and that is why ongoing and extensive treatment is necessary. Here are some of those potential complications:

  • Extensive harm to the respiratory system: Difficulty breathing is attributed to smoke inhalation that caused serious damage to the lungs and esophagus. Lifetime use of an oxygen tank is possible.
  • Body entering shock: This is a serious consequence that could result in organ failure. Limited blood circulation may damage the heart, lungs, liver and kidneys, leading to death.
  • Damage to the eyes: Burns to the cornea may lead to scarring, infections, blurred vision, permanent eye damage and blindness.
  • Infections: If bacteria enter a wound, infections are likely. Sepsis is possible. This illness surfaces as your body attempts to fight off the infection, but may lead to tissue and organ damage, and prove fatal.

The challenges faced by burn victims are many due to these medical complications. Overcoming these challenges prove to be a life-or-death matter.

Stay positive despite what happened

Expect a long recovery for your son and remain positive despite the circumstances. While a monetary settlement may limit some of the hurt, remember that the physical and emotional scars from a serious burn injury will not go away.

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